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Фенер LED F303, алуминиев корпус, 4.700К, 3xC.

  • Very high light intensity
  • Three brightness levels
  • Highly robust
  • Splash-proof

Art.-No. 3885 300:

  • With retaining clip


Техническа информация
Art.-No.:3885 3003885 3013885 3023885 3033885 3043885 305
Light source:Toshiba HighToshiba HighCree XPG HighToshiba HighToshiba HighToshiba High
Performance LEDPerformance LEDPerformance LEDPerformance LEDPerformance LEDPerformance LED
Light colour:whitewhitewhitewhitewhitewhite
Colour temperature:7,700 K7,700 K4,700 K4,700 K7,700 K7,700 K
Luminous flux:
High power:100 lm200 lm250 lm600 lm200 lm200 lm
Power:30 lm60 lm70 lm200 lm60 lm60 lm
Flash:100 lm200 lm250 lm600 lm200 lm200 lm
Lighting duration

104.28 лв.
Артикулен номер 3885 303
Опаковка 1 бр.
Наличност При поръчка


Aluminium, Plastic
Engine Type
Battery Voltage
18 V
Battery Type
Number of Speeds
Charge Time
1.08 h
1.5 kg


99 mm
207 mm
208 mm
Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set, the country of manufacture and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.
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    12 April, 2018
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Описание Опаковка Наличност Цена
Фенер LED F302, алуминиев корпус, 4.700К, 3xAAA.
3885 302
1 бр. При поръчка 75.62 лв.
Фенер LED F303, алуминиев корпус, 4.700К, 3xC.
3885 303
1 бр. При поръчка 104.28 лв.
Фенер LED F304, алуминиев корпус, 4.700К, 2xD.
3885 304
1 бр. При поръчка 78.53 лв.
Фенер LED F305, алуминиев корпус, 7.700К, 3xD.
3885 305
1 бр. При поръчка 88.24 лв.